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Tuitions for Spanish, French, and English

We are one of the most sought out institutes for private tuitions for Spanish, French, and English in Hyderabad

We have classes for IB, IGCSE, and CBSE programs. Over the last 3 years we have prepared over 200 students for these boards and have great results to boast of. We also do home tuitions. 

Here are a few things that keep us ahead

1. Focus on the language:

We are not a generic tuition center which offers classes for every subject. We specialize in languages and have over 30,000 + hours of experience teaching these languages not just at the institute, but in schools  such as Indus and Oakridge and companies such as Google India, Microsoft, Deloitte and Touche etc

2. The trainers

Our trainers have on an average over 10,000 hours of experience teaching these languages and have international certificates in their respective domain. You can read the testimonials to know more about them.

3. Tracking

We extensively track data. Number of classes, topics covered, homework, quality of writing etc so that it is easier to assess the progress of the students. We also send out quarterly reports. 

If you are thinking of admissions, please call Shahir at 9885842349. He can arrange for a trial class. 

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