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Thank you for registering. We will contact you soon to schedule a trial session. Meanwhile, you can go through some testimonials we have received over the years. These are screenshots from our google page.

"I just love this Institute. The teaching is incredibly practical. The sessions are fun and the fee is quite nominal. We need real teachers like the ones at Maitrise. . One could easily learn fluent Spanish with the right attitude and dedication. My best wishes to Maitrise always ! One of the few times in life when I actually wanted to learn rather than study."

Harsh Agarwal

"I took my Spanish A1 course @ Maitrise. Never before did I look forward to attending a class (like an ideal student). Shahir gives a fantastic ride along the course and makes it fun and worth coming to."

Aditya Hari

"I joined the basic batch and have now joined the advanced level. It has been a fun and exciting journey all the way. I still remember the Sholay scene in Spanish :)  Overall I have had a great time and learned a lot too. 

They are great teachers and very nice people too. 

Muchas Gracias for everything  :) "


Anirban Debaprabha Das

The best thing about Maitrise is the man who started it, Abdul Shahir. I have attended a Spanish course earlier at a different inst but what interested me most here was the way the course proceeds. Shahir makes it more interesting by involving everyone in conversations and not solely in teaching by the book. He also uses audio exercises as a medium to ensure you understand the pronunciation. All this makes it an overall wholesome and complete experience in trying to learn a new language! Definitely recommend it!"


Hruday Vedantam

"Hey Guys,
If you really want to learn Spanish and enjoy the journey thoroughly; Maitrise Language Essentials is just the right place to go to. Great learning and emphasis on basics.. I totally recommend Maitrese. I have just completed Level 1 and I really feel it was so worth the time and money :)"


Richa Jain


"Excellent place to learn Foreign language. I did learn Spanish language there and I tell you the methodology used in there is very effective."


Afroze Ali



"Maitrise Language Essentials is a unique place for learning Spanish. The commitment, sincerity, and approachability demonstrated by the trainers are excellent.

Maitrise makes learning Spanish the easiest task on earth. :) " 

Vimal Kumar 



"I did my Spanish language level A1 and A2 courses at Maitrise. They are best at making students learn and understand the new language. Class is so interactive which will make you to love to attend classes. You will also meet people with different interests. For Spanish, you can opt for Maitrise without second thought."


Rajesh AR


"Learnt Spanish upto level A2 at Maitrise. The trainers are totally hands on and quite flexible with the learning process. Learning a new language with people from different backgrounds is fun. Also look out for those absorbing movie sessions and fun breaks! Great value for money if you are looking to learn Spanish/ French and live around the area."


Rishi Pinnamaneni

"Languages aren't really my 'thing.'  But when I did decide to bite that bullet, I am glad I had Maitrise to help clean the evidence. It's an open and easy-going place. The tutor was great, there were games in the class, as also lots of conversation and screenings of a few Spanish social documentaries(Which were a definite plus). And inevitably, there was a lot of practice in grammar and language structure, but in fun doses. 

Young, friendly, instructive, entrepreneurial - is how I'd descibe Maitrise."


Prema Naraynen 

"The Trainer has immense knowledge about the language and has logical answers to all the queries. Perfectly designed course and perfectly trained by Shahir. A recommended course for all. (atleast if Shahir facilitates.)"


Rajiv Rajani

"Had a great time learning and completing A1 and A2 levels in Spanish. Thanks Shahir for all the effort. Looking forward to completing further levels. Wish Maitrise a great future."


Sanjay Sateesh

"It was the most useful usage of each second of my time. The teaching style of the trainer and his command on the language are his key assets which helped me at every point. The usage of technology was also great. The training material and each resource was valuable. I will be looking forward to learn the next level from the trainer. Thanks a lot for making such boring subject so interesting for us."


Aman Sharma

"Excellent teaching . Teacher has good skills of teaching techniques to understand the new language with easy comparisons of widely spoken other languages like English and Hindi leaving some memorable marks in mind while learning.

The class room hours are not really topical and not at all boring. But the Faculty is strict on completion of tasks given and provided with advance learning methods like various links to practice repeatedly .

Over all progress is observed with every level and the best Faculty for SPANISH learning"

Kavita Thota

"Maitrise is one of the best institutes in Hyderabad.

I have been learning Spanish at Maitrise since 1year. Interactive classes with loads of conversations, videos, songs and writing is what makes learning fun and interesting. Besides, the faculty is very approachable and there has never been a single moment when I didn't get reply for my queries"

Savita Joshi

"A trustworthy Faculty. And the class was always fun and informative.
Go ahead chaps...Theory isn't the crux of the language. It is a culture. It's the way of living. 

Harish Volam

"Thank you for making it the best training"


Sweta Goswami


"Excellent way to conduct a program!!"


Kalyan Srinivas

"For me, it's a pleasure learning Spanish at Maitrise. Maitrise is the best institute to learn Spanish.I have been learning Spanish at Maitrise for one year. As a professor and a person Shahir is excellent in every sphere.He makes the class lively and he has good interaction with his students. I have learnt Spanish by listening to spanish audios, watching videos and enjoyed doing presentations in the class.He gives his best to improve his students and makes them confident.As a student I love to be a part of Maitrise."

Padma Vani

"Teaching Methods are very Unique .One can easily learn a foreign language in a short period of time. Classes are very interesting."

Santhosh Chauhan

"Was an enriching experience and would love to attend further sessions too."


Guruprasad R


"Excellent teacher and had good fun during the course."


Akhil Ravi

"The classes are very involving and the teacher extremely patient. I completed two levels of Spanish there and it was a great experience."


Rasima Swarup

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