Certified and experienced trainers

All our trainers are DELE certified (The international certification test for Spanish), and have trained for an average of 8000 hours each. You will also see that we are great at making the classes fun and easy. The most senior of our trainers have clocked over 8 years and 20000 classroom hours, and the least at least 4000 hours. 

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Why learn @ Maitrise

International syllabus

All our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This is the framework used by all the international instutes, and the same framework is used as reference by the most recognized international language test (DELE.) for Spanish

 Give your career wings with Spanish

 Why learn Spanish?

​ 1. High demand in the IT and the Pharma industry for professionals proficient in Spanish.  Specially in companies like IBM, Accenture, Microsoft and Infosys

​ 2. The second most spoken language in the world which provides access to Latin American  market, which currently is one of the fastest growing markets outside India. 

​ 3. Higher possibilities of deployment abroad, specially in Europe and Latin America

What our students say about us

"I just love this institute. The teaching is incredibly practical. The sessions are fun and the fee is quite nominal, We need real teachers like the ones at Maitrise. Mr. Abdul Shahir has done a wonderful job at teaching Spanish. One could easily learn fluent Spanish with the right attitude and dedication. My best wishes to Maitrise always! One of the few times in life when I actually want to learn rather than study"

Harsh Agarwal

"I took my Spanish A1 course @ Maitrise. Never before did I look forward to attending a class (like an ideal student). Shahir gives a fantastic ride along the course and make it worth coming to"

Aditya Hari

"I joined the basic batch and have now joined the advanced level. It has been a fun and exciting journey all the way. I still remember the sholay scene in Spanish :) Overall I have had a great time and learned a lot too. 

Saurabh and Shahir are both great teachers and very nice people too. 

Muchas gracias for everything :)"

Anirban Debapradha Das

​"It was the most useful usage of each second of my time. The teaching style of the trainer and his command on the language are his key assets which helped me at every point. The usage of technology was also great. The training material and the each resource was valuable.  I will be looking forward to learn the next level from the trainer. Thanks a lot for making such a boring subject so interesting for us"

Aman Sharma

Over 2000 students

Since our inception in 2008, we have trained over 1500 students, including in companies like Google India, IBM, Tech Mahindra, CA Technologies etc. and in universities like NALSAR, NIPER, NIFT and NMIMS

Insider knowledge

Our clientele includes industry giants like Google India, Facebook, IBM, Deloitte and Touche, CA Technologies, and Tech Mahindra. We have an indepth understanding of the industry and this helps us understand the requirements even better. Often we get to know about the openings and the recruitment trends even before they hit the market.